Bluebox Independent Global Network – The BIG Network.

In today’s highly connected and fast paced world, collaborative and distributed networks is the way of the future. Advisory and Financial Services firms, from across the globe, connected by common values and shared vision. A secure platform for firms to collaborate and leverage on each others experience and expertise in different geographies and industries. 

Whilst, there may be many other professional alliances of accounting firms and law firms, the BIG network is different.


Focused on Startups and SMEs.

The BIG Network is private global network of professional services firms that are focused primarily on Startups and the SME sectors. This focus is necessary as succeeding in emerging economies take a very different set of skills and mindset from working with larger clients.

These include:

  • Consulting Firms
  • Angels, Incubators and Accelerators
  • Cross Border Advisory Firms
  • Accountancy Firms
  • Legal Firms
  • Private Banks and Wealth Management Firms
  • Boutique Investment Banks
  • VCs
  • Research Firms

There are no membership fees and firms are admitted by invite only.

To request an invitation, write to

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