Multinational Corporations

With its ever-growing economy, and being the financial hub for the Asia Pacific region, Singapore has positioned itself with pivotal role as a business epicenter within Asia. That is one of the major reasons why MNCs continue to favor Singapore as a preferred business destination for incorporating a singapore company. Most MNCs stand to benefit from Singapore’s open business and business-friendly policies.

A multinational corporation/ company (MNC) is a large organization that has operations in a number of countries. They are large companies that are managed by professionals who do not own the company.
MNCs are very crucial as they have a lot of influence & can provide many advantages. The advantages that they provide includes:
The increasing numbers in a nation’s employment, and their literacy.
MNC’s incorporation also enhances the investment in the country which in return increases the development of industries in the country and investment capital for the host country.
MNC companies from all around the world continue to uphold Singapore as an ideal location to establish and expand their businesses, and this overview continues to grow concurrently with Singapore’s internal and external advancement and progression. To encourage MNCs to come to Singapore and set up a base of operations, Singapore’s Economic Development Board offers these companies International Headquarters Incentives (IHQ) and Regional Headquarters Incentives (RHQ).

Companies who successfully get conferred with the RHQ status will reap the benefits of a concessionary tax rate of 15% for up to 5-years for all qualifying income which is derived from activities and business operations conducted in Singapore. Whereas companies who obtain the IHQ status, on the other hand, enjoy tax rates of 0 to 10%.

On top of that, Singapore has a progressive tax system. Designed with entrepreneurship growth in mind, its attractive and low corporate and private tax rates are an enormous reason why MNCs continue to choose Singapore over any other country. Singapore also has an extensive network of free trade agreements and double taxation agreements, both of which help to facilitate and safeguard the interests of Singapore’s investors.

MNC's Impact on Economy

MNCs have a big impact on economic, environmental,political, and cultural force that can’t be avoided in present globalization. To put it in perspective, MNCs have a impression on the lives of billions of people every day, often in complex and indiscernible ways.

These companies can provide developing countries with so many benefits. However, these institutions may also bring with them the codes of ethical conduct that serve to exploit the needs of these nations, rather than providing them with the critical support for economic growth and social development.

Advantage of Multinational Companies

  • Creating job opportunities
  • R&D in areas of interest.
  • Ensure standards kept.
  • Foreign investments.
  • Business for SMEs

The Singaporean-based Multinationals in other foreign countries gives the Singaporean government recognition and publicity among those foreign governments. Also, the MNC’S are a source for Singaporean citizens who find employment opportunities with such companies. 

How Bluebox can help?

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