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The industry, like technology, is constantly evolving. At any stage of a company’s lifecycle, speed, reactivity, and adaptability can be make-or-break, especially when expanding into new markets.

The impact of digital technology can now be observed in almost every aspect of life. For firms that can embrace the benefits of new digital technology and capitalize on the linked growing digital business models, there are substantial prospects for growth and expanding access to new markets and customers. The digital revolution, like the industrial revolution before it, is forever transforming the globe. Our lives will never be the same economically, socially, or practically again. Like the rest of the world, the technology, media, and telecommunications (TMT) industry is always changing. For consumers and businesses alike, digital is turning into the “new norm” and becoming “business as usual.” Customers, employees, and business partners have different expectations, and businesses must strive to changing those expectations.

Fortunately, the TMT sector, as well as the businesses that operate inside it, thrives on change. They’re stepping up to the plate. Media businesses are personalizing and integrating in the same way that technology companies are inventing and expanding quickly. At the same time, telecommunications corporations are feeding the monster of ever-increasing bandwidth demand. The distinctions between these once separate industries are increasingly dissolving. Businesses in the technology, media, and telecommunications (TMT) sector are enjoying rapid development.
Adaptability and concentration, on the other hand, are essential qualities: cool heads and clear thinking are required.


The IT sector has long been known for its rapid change and complexity. Today, it is much more so. Start-ups are going worldwide from the start, blurring the borders between technology, telecoms, and media. As a result, successful technology companies are constantly changing their business models, strategy, and product mix. We offer the expertise and experience to help you succeed, whether your aim is to enter new markets, grow operations, manage expenses, seek finance, or comply with laws.


As the media business adapts to the move to digital and personalization, distribution methods, commissioning procedures, and income sources are all shifting. As a result, a slew of new channels, platforms, and experiences have popped up, all of which require continual replenishment of interesting, high-quality content. Audiences will go on if they are not. Singapore’s media business is booming, and it’s one of Asia’s fastest-growing industries. From film animators to studio infrastructure suppliers, games distributors to music broadcasters, we’ve worked with players from all corners of the industry. We’ve worked with companies from start-up through IPO, as well as local and international mergers and acquisitions.


The telecoms sector is undergoing significant transformations and is under increasing massive pressure. Despite the severe margin compression that is hurting balance sheets throughout the world, telecommunications businesses are managing the deployment of new network technology and an insatiable demand for bandwidth. At all stages of the value chain, our worldwide network of specialists works with a diverse variety of telecoms companies. We work with organisations of all sizes, from start-ups to those who are fast developing, as well as established industry leaders. Depending on your requirements, we may assist your company in expanding worldwide or locally.

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The Technology, Media, and Telecommunications (TMT) industry practice at Bluebox is made up of interdisciplinary industry experts who work effectively with stakeholders to analyze various business problems and improve their ability to generate income, manage risk, and boost efficiency in a digitally connected world. Bluebox’s global network of technology industry specialists collaborates with a diverse range of dynamic organizations, from start-ups to established global giants. We offer the expertise and experience to help you succeed, whether your aim is to enter new markets, grow your operations, manage expenses, get finance, or comply with laws.

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