Government Support

At Bluebox, our team is specialised in practicalities of applying for and negotiating of incentives & grants including all aspects from initial review procedures to document submissions.

Our knowledge and experience in this specialised area acquired over the years, allows us to duly understand the process and approach required and assist you to achieve your potential benefits with minimum time & effort.


Singapore government is actively supporting businesses through Business Grants Portal and it brings hundreds of government grants for businesses into one place, so it’s easier to find and apply for the grants you need and we assist you in finding the right grants & managing it.

Why choose Bluebox?

  • We can certainly help you. Our team can easily assist you in Grants & incentives in Singapore and / or overseas registered legal entities.
  • We continue to provide you assistance even after you have been awarded your desired government incentive.

How Bluebox helps you?

  • Since the authorities regularly monitor your company’s progress in implementing your business strategy and fulfilling investment commitments, we can assist you in reviewing & preparing progress reports typically required for annual submissions.
  • In case of Amendments or changing scenarios or unable to fulfil certain conditions, we can also support you in re-negotiations with the relevant authorities to enable you to enjoy equitable incentive benefits.
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