Fund Compliance

Regardless of where our clients' cash is invested, we provide seamless support to them wherever they do business.

Clients rely on Bluebox’s team of highly skilled regulatory and compliance specialists to provide informed guidance that is tailored to their business and operations as the funds industry becomes more regulated.

We represent leading funds, as well as their top executives and traders, in regulatory and compliance matters, ranging from preventative measures through exams, investigations, and enforcement proceedings under securities and commodities laws.

Our comprehensive approach gives a wealth of knowledge and insight into how companies best tackle Fund regulatory issues and compliance procedures.

Our regulatory and compliance team helps a wide range of registered and exempt advisers and asset managers stay in compliance with all applicable Fund Compliance requirements.

How Bluebox can help?

Our fund manager solutions let you manage your fund over its entire existence. We’ll assist you in putting your strategy into action and growing your business at every stage:


  • create your fund entities and raise capital
  • acquisition and structuring of assets
  • accurate accounting and LP reporting
  • recurring and one-time services

Why Bluebox ?

Bluebox invests in cutting-edge technology and puts a team of experienced, high-quality professionals to work for you. We provide expert teams that add value and improve operational efficiency, allowing you to focus on your investments and clients.

We collaborate with you to understand the nuances and complexities of your business, how you define success, and how we can work most effectively for you in order to provide you with customised services throughout the lifecycle of your funds.

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