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Manpower Solutions

Global mobility opens the door to tons of opportunities that businesses with global expansion cannot access otherwise. As a result, global hiring is a step towards becoming a successful organization. Although this is a enriching process and complex in nature, but there are many variables to consider. Offering a wide range of workforce management services, from interim staffing to long-term staffing, offshore outsourcing to talent development, we help you manage your workforce effectively.

Employing global talent allows your company to hire employees with a global network; especially when you’re expanding overseas. When you’re hiring international talent, your company’s employees can speak the native language and understand the local culture better than anyone in your company. As a result, they will be able to speak and understand the language and the culture in that country. There are even benefits such as knowing how customer service in that country should be delivered. You are allowing yourself a greater chance to hire more productive, innovative and creative employees by opening your doors to a large talent pool. On average, international businesses have better reputations than those employing fewer people from abroad. An international workforce not only has a better grasp on the international market, they’re also more adaptable. People tend to find it easier to work with companies that hire across borders and have strong, proactive international relations. They’re also seen as more empathetic and responsible as well. In the process of implementing a hire process internationally, there are a plethora of subtleties you must deal with. There are not only language challenges and cultural misunderstandings to take into consideration. In spite of these challenges, they are not insurmountable. Finding a partner with an understanding of international recruiting and local laws is the fastest, easiest way to solve them. With the help of global recruitment partners, you can develop your company’s international component without spending a lot of time and effort on the process. Using Bluebox, this process is simplified considerably.

How Bluebox can help you ?

Providing solutions for human capital management is a commitment we make to both our valued clients and potential candidates.

  • Application,Renewal or Cancellation of Foreign worker
  • Foreign Domestic Worker
  • Singapore Permanent Residents
  • Work Permit
  • S-pass
  • Employment pass
  • Transport of workers to the airport
  • Accommodations for workers
  • Providing workers with repatriation assistance
  • Replacement of workers

Why Choose Bluebox ?

The BlueBox team has over 40 years of experience providing clients with a multitude of global manpower services. We provide unique insights into the issues affecting individual and organizations in today’s rapidly changing world of work. In order to achieve the best possible HR services in Singapore, we have developed a host of tools and highly specialised HR experts tailored to each client’s needs. Employers can outsource their entire recruitment process to our company, which enables them to focus on other aspects of human resources, since our company handles recruitment process outsourcing on their behalf.

What can Blue do for you?

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