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Singapore Employment Law Services

Employment Law

In the global marketplace, companies need solutions that are trusted, globally scalable, and can impact a wide range of workforce issues.

Getting ready for the global marketplace requires multinational companies to continuously transform their business operations. Due to varying labor and employment laws in each country, workforce issues are a significant challenge of these multinational transformations.

Today, companies need to understand labor law more than ever in order to effectively manage costs and risk, identify potential threats, and implement global or regional projects in an efficient manner. With the assistance of experienced lawyers and project managers, these business transformations can be completed in a timely and cost-effective manner while complying with local labor and employment laws.

How Bluebox can help you?

The importance of human capital grows exponentially in a dynamic and competitive global marketplace. Depending on your business’s unique needs, our team can offer tailor-made commercially successful solutions. Across all industries, we provide advice on employment laws related to business.

We can help companies with:

  • Managing an increasingly mobile workforce internationally;
  • Hiring, employment contracts, handbooks and policies, to termination;
  • Developing the appropriate context, clauses, and policies based on the workforce strategy;
  • Navigate the requirements of works councils, unions, and employee representatives, and calculate the required severance indemnity.

What can Blue do for you?

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