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A Humble Beginning, Fueled by a Vision

In 1981, our founder, Mr. C M Shah, saw an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of small business owners in Singapore. Driven by his passion for empowering entrepreneurs, he established “Shah & Co,” a public accounting firm that provided a helping hand to small and medium-sized companies. These first years saw the creation of deep, lasting relationships with clients, as we worked side by side to help them navigate the complexities of compliance and corporate governance.


Growing Together, Rising Above Challenges

Over these years, our founder’s dream expanded as he brought together a team of like-minded, experienced professionals who shared his dedication to supporting entrepreneurs. However, our journey wasn’t without adversity. As the Asian Financial Crisis struck in 1997, it presented formidable challenges for both us and our clients. But, united by a common goal, we emerged stronger and more determined than ever to help businesses thrive.


Embracing Innovation, Empowering Global Expansion

The new millennium brought unprecedented opportunities for businesses to expand and thrive beyond their borders. We saw the potential to help our clients seize these opportunities by embracing digital transformation and nurturing their global ambitions. Standing shoulder to shoulder with our clients, we guided them through the complexities of international markets and technological advancements.


A Time of Reflection, and Reinvention

As Shah & Co evolved into the Bluebox Group, our unwavering dedication to supporting small businesses and their dreams continued to guide our mission. We transformed into a one-stop-shop for dynamic startups and high growth SMEs, providing high-quality, personalized services that fostered long-term partnerships and success. We emerged from this era stronger, more focused, and driven to continue our legacy of support and excellence.


Deepening Relationships, Touching Lives

During this period, we at Bluebox focused on further strengthening our relationships with clients, becoming not just service providers, but trusted partners and advisors. We expanded our range of tailored solutions to cater to the unique needs of investors, companies, and individuals. By truly understanding the motivations and objectives of our clients, we were able to provide empathetic support that made a real difference in their lives and businesses.


Shaping Dreams, Building Legacies

Today, Bluebox remains dedicated to walking hand in hand with dynamic entrepreneurs, high growth businesses, and mid-cap investors across Asia and beyond. We continue to be driven by the same passion that inspired our founder more than 40 years ago – to empower others, helping them bring their visions to life. As we look to the future, we remain committed to touching more lives, shaping more dreams, and building lasting legacies together with our clients, one business at a time.

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