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Fund compliance is one of the fastest growth areas in the alternative investment industry, specifically in the hedge fund sector.

As hedge funds become increasingly regulated, funds compliance services have become essential. We can provide you with top-notch regulatory support based on the local regulation in your jurisdiction, given our network of compliance experts located across the globe.

Industry reports indicate that hedge funds have already spent more than $3 billion on compliance-related efforts. Hedge funds have spent more than $3 billion on compliance in Singapore in recent years. According to industry reports, hedge funds have already spent more than $600 million on compliance related activities. In fund compliance, the entity or group is responsible for ensuring that the required standards are met. In the event that the Fund Compliance Officer is also an Access Person, he or she shall appoint an alternate to review his or her own Reports. To determine whether a possible violation of the Code of Ethics and/or other applicable trading policies and procedures may have occurred, each Fund Compliance Officer will compare Reports with completed and contemplated portfolio transactions of a Fund. We can guide you completely through the Singapore Compliance process which is quite complicated and time consuming. MAS may ask you for clarifications from time to time. You need to create a Risk Management Framework and KYC policies.

Why Bluebox?

Providing governance, regulatory, and compliance solutions for portfolio investors and managers of alternative investments is the primary objective of our Fund Management Compliance Team. Here at Bluebox, we are adept at providing one-stop compliance services to our clients. We are keenly aware of the challenges businesses face in a fast-paced world, and our mission is to provide you with comprehensive guidance in dealing with the ever-changing regulatory landscape.


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