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Singapore is a well-established consumer insights hub, with a keen understanding of the parallels and distinctions between Western and Asian customers, as well as Asia’s diversity. With the rise of Southeast Asia, companies wishing to deepen their business can also use Singapore as a base to provide consumer insight, innovation and market solutions for the region and other regions.

Many factors contribute to this, including Singapore’s open economy, overall financial stability, government incentives, an extensive network of double tax treaties, good infrastructure, and a reputation for commercial law justice and impartiality. While Singapore is recognised for its pro-business attitude, the country also boasts a sophisticated regulatory system that provides a variety of consumer protections while also ensuring that corporate rivalry thrives and innovation is promoted.

Despite global economic difficulties, Singapore maintains its position as one of the world’s most powerful economies. We are a valued partner for businesses because of our political stability, low corruption rates, and transparent governmental institutions.

Close commercial ties with the world

Singapore has 25 networks of Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) around the world, allowing you to trade with the world’s major economies freely and easily.

Lower or no tax and duty savings means Singapore’s exports can remain competitive through special tax rates and easier access to many export markets.

Our strong historical and commercial ties to the region also accelerate your business to understand the nuances of doing business in different regions of Southeast Asia.

Singapore is home to the world’s leading industry players, from startups to international businesses. We’re also a hotspot for international talent and a top destination for corporate events and travel.

Singapore receives more foreign direct investment (FDI) than most advanced economies in the world, and more than 10% of the total foreign direct investment flowing into Asia is made .

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