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Entity Management

Managing and maintaining businesses across international borders and in new jurisdictions can be a never-ending source of disruption, uncertainty, and danger.

Rapid rule changes, regional peculiarities, unwritten regulations, and unwritten procedures can all cause havoc. All of the fragmentation, inefficiency, and misery can be replaced with an integrated, regulated, and detail-oriented strategy, combining local rigout with the help of Bluebox.

The need for compliance

Every business, large or small, might battle to keep compliant with all laws, rules, and processes. However, failing to do so is a commercial risk, as well as a personal danger for management. Managing and maintaining businesses across borders and in foreign jurisdictions can be a never-ending source of uncertainty, risk, and disruption. Rapid rule changes, geographical differences, unwritten regulations, and unwritten procedures can all cause havoc. Everything from staying on top of filing deadlines and statutory revisions to reacting to changes in jurisdiction laws should be a part of your mission. That is why you must properly manage your portfolios of legal entities. You can achieve your goal more quickly, with more transparency and accountability, if you use an entity management solution.

Our approach

We view entity management as an opportunity to create strategies to help you keep costs down and manage the potential risk of increased regulatory and compliance requirements.

Some benefits of strategic entity management are:

  • Staying up-to-date on the local fiduciary, regulatory and statutory responsibilities of a business entity.
  • Actively managing the corporate record to support all transactions, filings, reports, and audits.
  • Providing secure access to the corporate record to support both internal business needs and external requirements.

The Bluebox Compliance Team

Our compliance team, as well as their expanded network, consists of highly qualified accounting and tax specialists from around the globe. We stay on top of any statutory, regulatory, or legislative changes and provide proactive advice on how to implement and remain compliant. We’re not simply advisers; we’re also doers.
Our expert company secretarial team ensures that you have complete control over your overseas activities. The team will not only guarantee that all compliance deadlines are met, but will also plan yearly meetings, corporate bookkeeping, and periodic and constitutional revisions, as well as one-time events.

Furthermore, for any foreign operation, our secure technology platform gives you complete control and insight over your statutory compliance efforts.

Bluebox can assist you in getting up and running quickly and successfully. We offer high-quality personalized services based on significant local knowledge through our broad worldwide network, allowing you to focus on your business.

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The legal services that we offer are for the application of rules, laws, and regulations in Singapore and global markets.

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