Singapore Private Client Legal Services

Private Client Legal Services

Amidst an ever-shifting business landscape, our Private client services teams are dedicated to supporting your unique ambitions and focused on creating ever-lasting value for private companies and clients.

Thoughtfully structuring and managing your business affairs is more important than ever. Working with an advisor who understands the complex range of private client matters impacting your business operations and your personal agenda is paramount.

Our private client service offering is built on a long-term and personal relationships, created on a broad understanding of what matters to them now and in the future. Bluebox Private client teams bring together various business advisors across the globe that share a passion for supporting your unique ambitions.

Our Private client services includes:
  • Business & Financial Advisory
  • Compliance & Regulatory Assistance
  • Investment Management services
  • Tax & Legal advisory
  • Administrative Services

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Our Solutions For Private Client Services

Our integrated service offering means that you only have to maintain a single relationship with your trusted business advisor; and we can access the best people across the firm to meet your needs. We can assist you with taxation advice, a superior quality audit, process improvement, capital raising, succession planning and international acquisitions and expansion.

Our teams will work with you to explore how your business performs .This framework is the product of extensive research into the growth journeys of companies around the globe – from start-ups to leading businesses to winners of our program.

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A multi-layered estate plan requires consideration of several personal laws, exchange control regulations and tax laws. As a result, structuring is a challenging exercise.

Private clients face unique challenges throughout their business lifespan, and our legal services team helps them confront these challenges in order to grow and innovate. In Bluebox Global, private businesses and individuals around the globe receive insights and advice from our team. We act as a single point of contact for all our clients’ worldwide tax and legal needs.

A private client lawyer can be beneficial to anyone with a lot of money to distribute and regulate. Lawyers for private clients often handle the assets of wealthy clients and are required to understand the needs of their clients in detail.

We work together on the common goal of protecting, preserving and enabling our clients to pass wealth on to future generations, regardless of where their assets or family members are situated.

How Bluebox can help you?

Bluebox’s network of legal and tax professionals is available to its clients, who receive a global integrated service which often serves as a single point of contact for all their legal and tax needs.

The following private client services are available to our clients and their families:

  • Charities and philanthropy
  • Luxury assets and heritage or cultural property
  • Immigration, residence and citizenship advice
  • Family governance, family business succession & private client disputes
  • Estate planning, including wills, trusts, tax advice and incapacity planning
  • Setting up trusts, advising trustees and advising on trust law
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What can Blue do for you?

Tell us a little about your business and let's talk about how we can make a positive difference to you

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