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With our hassle-free Company Secretarial, Finance, and Human Resources services in Singapore, we assist small and medium-sized enterprises maximize their development potential.

With a business partner approach, we provide a comprehensive range of services that meet all of your company needs. Our knowledgeable and skilled staff will help you decipher the jargon and offer you with accurate information and answers that are unique to your situation.

Whatever your needs are, we are dedicated to delivering the expert assistance you require as an entrepreneur, start-up, or SME in Singapore.

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Our Global Mobility Services

Embarking on global assignments and managing international talent requires specialized expertise and support. At Bluebox, we offer comprehensive global mobility services to facilitate seamless transitions for your employees and optimize your international workforce strategy.

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  • Professional and Trained Experts: Our immigration counsellors stay up to date on the rules and regulations governing immigration and visa policies in various countries. This has undoubtedly aided us in staying well ahead of our competitors.
  • Transparency is our greatest asset: We have a very open personality. We make our clients feel at ease by providing them with all of the necessary information about the entire process and the fees that will be incurred for immigration and visa services to various countries.
  • Our passion is assisting and mentoring our clients: We provide comprehensive assistance to ensure that our clients’ immigration applications are successful. We’ve been able to succeed in our business because of this kind of dedication. We always pay close attention to and focus on our clients. We’ve come to serve them with zeal and dedication.
Singapore Is A Popular Destination For Expatriates

Leaving your hometown and moving to a new city has its problems. Many expats relocating to Singapore may find it difficult to get used to the new tax structure. When you move to Singapore, it might be difficult to figure out how to handle your tax obligations there. The first thing you should know is that the fiscal year ends on December 31st each year. The second thing you should know is that you will be paid your whole salary and will need to set away a portion of it to pay your tax obligation at the beginning of the financial year.

How Bluebox can help

Our teams collaborate extensively with each client to develop a thorough grasp of their fund’s and investors’ requirements. Whenever possible, we try to understand the individual needs of each fund before designing an administrative solution that fits its exact criteria exactly.


empower your business to thrive in the dynamic Singaporean market

Empower your organization to thrive in the global marketplace with our comprehensive global mobility services. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your international talent management initiatives and drive success across borders.

Consultation and Planning

Our team of global mobility experts works closely with your organization to understand your business objectives, talent needs, and global expansion goals. We provide strategic guidance and develop tailored mobility solutions to support your international growth initiatives.

Assignment Management

From pre-assignment planning to repatriation, we handle all aspects of assignment management, including immigration services, tax compliance, relocation assistance, and cultural integration support. Our goal is to ensure a smooth transition for your employees and their families, allowing them to focus on their roles and responsibilities abroad.

Vendor Management

We leverage our extensive network of trusted partners and vendors worldwide to deliver comprehensive services seamlessly. From relocation providers to tax advisors, we coordinate with various stakeholders to streamline the global mobility process and optimize service delivery.

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What is Form C-S Lite and How to File Corporate Taxes in Singapore

Corporate tax filing can be a tedious and complicated process for small businesses in Singapore. With so many different forms and requirements, it can be challenging to know which forms to fill out and when to submit them. However, one form that small businesses in Singapore should be aware of is Form C-S Lite. In this article, we will explain what Form C-S Lite is and how small businesses in Singapore can file their corporate taxes using it. What is Form C-S Lite? Form C-S Lite is a simplified version of the Corporate Income Tax Return (Form C) in Singapore.


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