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The most essential part of any business is its employees that is why business leaders today must pay special attention to their workforce.

With HR workforce support in place, a company can solve a multitude of its problems and maintain a productive work environment. Bluebox helps organizations stay on top of their workforce and maintain a healthy and productive working environment by infusing AI, automation, and other technologies into HR.

The benefits of outsourcing HR workforce support include

Bluebox provides a number of payroll administration options, which you can purchase based on your company’s requirements. These include:

  • Enhanced employee engagement
  • Faster workforce reskill
  • HR transformation
  • Cost-effective scaling
  • Minimum risks and liabilities relating to compliance, employment law, and taxation

How Bluebox can help?

Bluebox can help SMEs and startups with the following processes:

  • Talent Acquisition: Bluebox elevates your talent acquisition to enhance your competitive advantage. We provide configurable, data-driven process and integrate your team with latest technology to help transform experience for both candidates and hiring managers.
  • Talent Development: We help you develop resiliency by putting productivity and skills at the center of your workforce strategy. Bluebox can help you adapt to the changing business needs by infusing new skills into your workforce.
  • HR Transformation: Bluebox creates a bold and effective HR strategy to help transform your workforce. We can help you move from analogue to digital by providing you with reinventing tools, software, and other technological elements. Bluebox can assist you in attracting top talents and retaining your productive employees to keep your organization in top shape.

Stress Free Payroll

The Employment Act in Singapore mandates businesses to pay their employees the correct wages within 7 days after the salary period. Failure to comply with the Act is an offence and could incur fines.

Payroll Related Compliance

Companies in Singapore must comply with the latest rules and regulations related to employment and compensation. The Employment Act requires companies to pay employees their correct salaries within 7 days after the end of the salary period.

Salary and Benefits Administration

Companies must put terms of the employees’ compensation in written employee contract. Compensation laws under Singapore’s Employment Act also specify how much employees should make while working overtime. 

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