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Singapore is a leading asset management hub for institutional investors and fund managers to access pan-Asian opportunities. Such framework seeks to position Singapore as a Leading Fund domiciliation Hub and strengthen Singapore’s position as a full-service International Funds & Asset Management Centre.

Funds management—also known as asset management—covers any kind of system that maintains the worth of an entity. … Funds management can also refer to the management of fund assets. In today’s financial world, the term “fund management” describes people and institutions that manage investments on behalf of investors.

The term asset management is often used to refer to the management of investment funds, while the more generic term fund management may refer to all forms of institutional investment, as well as investment management for private investors.

Singapore serves as a gateway for global investors to access Asian investment opportunities, as well as a gateway for Asian investors to tap on global investment opportunities.. Over the last few years, the Singapore industry’s assets under management (AUM) expanded at an 11 per cent compound annual growth rate, according to the annual Singapore Asset Management Survey released by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

Covid Scenario

The COVID-19 pandemic that has hit nearly every corner of the planet has had huge repercussions for individuals and communities, businesses and economies. The after-shocks just after the immediate health emergency are already clear: market volatility, asset class shifts, new swathes of corporate debt, entry into a possibly prolonged recessionary period.

For the asset management industry, these kind of conditions create a challenging environment in the market that was already undergoing significant change. In recent years, new regulations have increased pressure on margins, the yield from traditional asset classes has been reducing in a low interest rate environment, and the competitive landscape has become tougher through the entry of new digital and fintech players.

Despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and uncertainty around the full impact on the asset management industry, MAS has already issued few new asset manager licenses and registrations since April 2020.

It is now working closely with Singapore-based asset managers to minimize business disruptions as well as support them in upskilling and venturing into new business streams.

Fund & Assets Managers should continue to invest and position themselves in evolving growth areas such as sustainable investments, private markets and solutions-based strategies, while leveraging technology and innovation as an enabler.

How Bluebox can Help?

A future-ready, connected asset manager can quickly respond to market signals and pivot to capitalize on opportunities as they arise.

Bluebox’s Asset Management practice can help you succeed in this new environment. Our industry focused approach enables us to ask the right questions and align our resources with your needs. And, with our broad spectrum of service offerings, including industry-leading technology, we can serve these needs throughout the organization as your strategy and marketplace evolve.

Our frameworks and techniques for enabling customer-centric, end-to-end digital transformation can meet the new demands that asset managers are facing nowadays.


Capital Markets

The investment banking industry opened up as Singapore matured into a key international debt arranging hub in Asia. Singapore is widely a flourishing financial Centre of international repute servicing not only its domestic economy but also the entire Asia Pacific region. The banking system is therefore a key player in the country’s financial market segment.

Real Estate

The Real Estate practice at Bluebox provides relevant audit, tax, and advisory services to a diversified client base in the industry. Our committed specialists deliver complete, integrated solutions to meet our clients’ particular needs. Singapore has established itself as a key investment destination for global land players and as a regional land investment hub.


Insurance businesses in Singapore are benefiting from strong demand for vehicle, property, health, and other insurances across the country. Customers across insurance segments are being encouraged by rising life expectancy, tax incentives on insurance products, and favorable savings connected with insurance.

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