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Directors Training

The Directors Training Programme or DTP is an online training programme developed by ACRA specifically for directors to be clear about their duties and responsibilities under the law.

ACRA created the Directors Training Programme (DTP) for aspiring, prospective, and existing directors. It’s part of ACRA’s ongoing efforts to enhance director understanding of their legal responsibilities and obligations.

There are several elements to consider when determining who should serve as a corporate director. Being a company Director is no easy task, because in addition to the big-picture responsibilities of overseeing the firm’s overall progress, a Director also has responsibilities to act honestly and with reasonable diligence in the performance of his duties.

5 modules of the DTP programme

  • Office of a Director
  • Director’s Duties
  • Director’s Responsibilities under the Companies Act
  • Director’s Responsibilities in Other Relevant Areas such as Filing Corporate Income Tax Returns, Workplace Safety and Health and Contributing to CPF for Employees
  • Improving the Company’s Productivity

Who can be a Company Director?

  • A natural person (i.e. a company or business entity cannot be a director)
  • A ordinarily resident in Singapore— ideally Singaporean citizen, but can be a Singapore Permanent Resident or a person with an Employment Pass/ Dependent’s Pass
  • Minimum age should be 18 years
  • Person should be of a sound mind

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