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A capitalization table — often known as “cap table” — shows a breakdown of your startup’s ownership by stakeholder. A cap table makes it easy to ascertain who owns what, and it helps you and investors understand your firm’s capital structure.

A capitalization table can be defined as a table showing the equity ownership capitalization for a company. Capitalization tables help private companies maintain the calculation of their market worth. In the private market also, they are crucial for shareholder reporting and new capital issuance marketing.

When a company got incorporated, your cap table will likely only contain the promoter’s ownership stakes. But promoters have a lot on their plates and as your company scales, it’s likely for cap table management to fall through the cracks. Neglecting your cap table can be often disastrous so don’t be afraid to ask for help or have an expert manage it for you.

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At Bluebox we offer comprehensive support to help you navigate the complexities of mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and other strategic transactions. Our expert team is dedicated to providing you with tailored solutions that ensure successful deal execution and value maximization.

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Now, managing a cap table can be a daunting task for any startup. That’s where cap table management companies come in. With online cap table management software and cap table services, you can easily keep track of your digital cap table and cap table administration. No more headaches or confusion about who owns what, just grab the M&A Advisory service of Bluebox.

But wait, there’s more! Cap table consultants can also provide expert advice on cap table management for startups. They can guide you on how to manage a cap table and ensure that everything is in order. It’s like having a personal cap table guru on speed dial.

With Bluebox, we assist you updating your cap table when you issue electronic securities, raise a round, or get a ESOP valuation. So you can always trust Bluebox as your source of truth for equity ownership. We offer comprehensive support for all security types and your cap table will get updated every time with no additional work.

Cap table management companies are the future of private company cap table management. With cap table software for startups, you can finally take control of your cap table and manage it like a pro. So why wait? Sign up for our cap table management services today and watch your startup soar!

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Our teams collaborate extensively with each client to develop a thorough grasp of their fund’s and investors’ requirements. Whenever possible, we try to understand the individual needs of each fund before designing an administrative solution that fits its exact criteria exactly.


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Post-deal integration is crucial for realizing the full value of a transaction. We offer comprehensive integration services to help you achieve synergies, streamline operations, and maximize the benefits of your deals.

Our experienced negotiators provide strategic advice and support throughout the negotiation process. We aim to secure favorable terms and conditions that meet your business goals.


Whether you are looking to divest non-core assets or streamline your business operations, our team will guide you through the process. We ensure that you achieve optimal value while minimizing disruption to your business.

Deal Structuring

We assist you in structuring deals that align with your strategic objectives while optimizing tax and financial benefits. Our expertise ensures that your transactions are efficiently and effectively structured.

Valuation Services

Accurate valuation is critical for successful deals. Our valuation experts use industry-leading methodologies to provide precise and reliable valuations for your business, assets, or investments.

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